My story

How it all started

I started taking Latin dance lessons. After a year of intensively dancing to three different styles of Latin dance, I decided to take belly dance lessons. I wanted to apply the body isolation technique of belly dancing to Latin dance. At the first belly dance class I became completely fascinated by the shimmies and all the other beautiful and graceful movements of belly dancing and I was determined to learn everything and I did it passionately. Now I am completely under the spell of belly dancing, I hardly get to latin dance.

To me belly dance is a love poem without words. Deep, oriental, emotional and awe-inspiring. It accentuates being a woman. Every movement is graceful, graceful and mysterious. Belly dance was, and is, seen as a heritage from a fairytale Arab past that was populated by Ali Babas, Odalisks and Sheherazades. These images create a beautiful fantasy image in which I feel at home. The costume has an almost iconographic power.

Despite all the beauty and fairy tales of belly dance, a good dancer needs more to captivate the audience than just a beautiful costume and a sweet smile. Keeping the audience completely captivated during a performance requires a lot of skill. This means a nice and solid structure of the performance, a good sense of space, a good understanding of the music. One must also be prepared for unforeseen events during, before or after the performance.

My goal is to work towards belly dance on an international level. For me, oriental dance in all its facets is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and joy.

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